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AT ApplicantsAbhilash, S.K. and Guri chase the dream of IAS from the bustling Old Rajendra Nagar in Delhi.
They are like a tripod; we are constantly reminded of their deep connection, but I didn’t feel close,” notes Sukanya Verma.

It is considered one of the most difficult exams in India, a Goliath-sized test that many Davids undertake in the hope of success.

Each year, hundreds of students attempt to pass the Civil Service Union’s examination, which determines whether they are worthy of the Indian Civil Service. Often his position of power and prestige undermines his goal of progress and useful policies.

The core of the idea is reflected in Applicantsthe latest from The Viral Fever, a streaming show that captivated young audiences with its passionate exploration of a life of competitive studies and careers.

Over the course of five episodes, each approximately 45 minutes long, the friendship between Abhilash (Navin Kasturia), S.K. (Abhilash Tapliyal) and Guri (Shivankit Parihar), titled contenders chasing the IAS dream from Delhi’s bustling Old Rajendra district. Nagar, form the real center of the series.

They are like a tripod; we are constantly reminded of their deep connection.

But for all his insistence, seem something like “achieve‘, which contributed to reconciliation in 3 idiotsI just didn’t feel close.

Annoyance reigns constantly in their communication, while Guri’s condescension and SK’s tolerance for Abhilash’s unpleasant, indifferent treatment makes no sense.

History travels back and forth, circling around their past and present to uncover Dil Chahta Hai– as the discontent they carried within themselves for six years.

While the reason for their quarrel needs a sweet time to reveal and without dramatic effect, Applicants becomes preoccupied with giving gyan and motivational lecturing. Almost every scene is imbued with quoted wisdom.

I acknowledge that there is some entertainment value in this. Especially the way it highlights the deep relationship between Abhilash and his mentor Sandeep Bhaya (Sunny Hinduja).

The moment when the latter explains the duality of force as a means of producing light as well as electric shock, placing more emphasis on responsible approach, leaves a lasting impression.

The complexity and mystique of Sandeep, charismatically rendered by Hinduja, lend depth to this otherwise simple series. Applicants inclined to take for granted.

“Tripod” is not so bad for itself.

Naveen succeeds in overcoming his character’s innate cynicism with his desire to do good, Abhilash shines in his opening monologue, describing the cutthroat world of UPSC to dummies in his class and audience, while Shivankit is trustworthy as a friend who can’t decide what’s hurt anymore. his ego or heart.

However, at some point, the series’ wordy nature, in which each episode revolves around a lesson Abhilash has to learn, becomes overbearing.

The viewer is expected to share their technical knowledge and enthusiasm for UPSC’s ways and jargon.

Things are not always so heavy.

There is a touch of charm in the mildly burgeoning romance between him and rival Dhairya (the lovely Namita Dubey), but the removal of her role in the events at hand reinforces the superficial sense of the friendship in question.

Among all these distractions, Applicants misses the opportunity to be an eloquent acknowledgment of the nature of horrendous ambition and strenuous pursuits requiring personal sacrifice to offer yet another perspective on the world.Hum dost, hum dost hain aur hum dost rahenge‘.

Candidates streams on YouTube.

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