The official video for Coldplay – Biutyful. Taken from Coldplay’s new album Music Of The Spheres, featuring the hits singles Higher Power, My Universe & Let Somebody Go. Stream/download the album here –

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Director: Mat Whitecross

Chris Martin
Dakota Johnson
Mat Whitecross

Executive Producer: Hannah Clark
Video Commissioner: Sam Seager
Producer: Tanner Sawtiz
Production Manager: Gabriel Figueroa
Production Coordinator: Cecilia Soghikian
1st AD: Phineas Palmer
2nd AD: Judd Greener
AD PA / 2nd 2nd: Andrew Jukes
Key Set PA: Kris Wade
Driver PA: Johnny Merino & Omar R. Merino
Office PA: Audra Blum
Director of Photography: Byron Werner
1st AC: Nick Bianchi
2nd AC: Tyler Ernst
Phoenix OP: Josh Lambeth, Jack Dalleywater & Von Scott
DIT: Joel Blacker
Monitor Assist: Gregory Er
Steadicam OP: Michael Mcdonald
BTS Videographer: Michael Bolten & Stevie Rae Gibbs
Gaffer: Dilip Isaac
BBE / Driver: Jesse Martinez
SLT: Carlos Ortez & Nick Alvarado

Aftershow Remix by Dot Da Genius

Puppets by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop 
The Miskreant Puppets appear courtesy of Henson Alternative

Puppet Captain + Puppeteer: Nicolette Santino

Drew Massey
Russ Walko 
Amanda Maddock
Artie Esposito

Background Puppeteers:
Jack Venturo
Sarah Oh
Jordan Brownlee
Kathryn Molloy
Catrina Quintanilla

Puppet Wranglers:
Andrea Detwiler
Adrian Rose Leonard
Gabriella Padilla


The Judges:
Raza Jaffrey
Panna Morgan
Sarah Solemani

Boss: Christopher Matthew Spencer
Studio Engineer: Farone Angelo Williams

Classroom Kids:
Sailor Alicajic
Remy Barton
Lily Begoyan
Ezra Goyal
Reina Hicks
Skylar Hicks
Soraya Ingram
Henry Peterson
Samuel Peterson
Paz Pozas
Friso Price
Nayla Whitecross
Vida Whitecross

Production Designer: Marc Manabat
Art Director: Abdel Gonzalez
Set Dresser / Lead: Kyle Cameron
Set Dresser: Kyle Kirkpatrick

Art PA:
Daved Olivencia
Patrick Grant
Skye Grissom
Asia Ifield

CCO: Alexis Figueroa

Craft Service: Itan Chavira
Medic: Jesse Turits

Studio Teacher: Marc Brooks & Kristin Minkler

Louis Kitaoka
Ricardo Quezada
Wilbert Interiano

Editor: Arturo M. Antolín
Editor LA: Joel Blacker

VFX and Animation:
The Brewery VFX
Marc Knapton
Leandro Sarris
Sofia Negri
Chris Bain
Walter Ventura
Savion Alexander
Silvia Leoni
Sarah Matthews

Colorist: Duncan Russell @ Halo
Sound Designer: Jack Gillies
Sound FX Mixer: Richard Davey

Management / Band Party
Manager: Dave Holmes
Creative Director: Phil Harvey
Day to Day Managers: Mandi Frost & Arlene Moon
Tour Manager: Marguerite Nguyen
Assistant Tour Manager: Orla Clarke
Road Manager / Head Of Security: Andy ‘Frostie’ Frost
Band Security: Kim-Maree Penn
Management Coordinator: Lauren Rauch
Digital Director: Chris Salmon


Audio Producer: Dan Green
Broadcast Producer: Rik Simpson
Pro Tools Director: Bill Rahko

Behind The Scenes Filming: Michael Bolten & Stevie Rae Gibbs

Special Thanks:
Golnar Aref-Adib
Raena Whitecross
Danielle Kisser
Tess Routliefe
State Farm Stadium – Phoenix, AZ

Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power and My Universe.

The Weirdos are an alien band featuring Angel Moon, Donk, Sparkman and The Wizard.
Lead singer Angel Moon has been a regular performer on Coldplay’s current world tour, singing Biutyful to more than a million people across Europe, the US and Latin America over the past four months. They are managed by Bruce Cakemix.

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  1. Yo soy fan de Coldplay desde los 11 años ahora tengo 22 años y verdaderamente amo al grupo, amo su talento, amo todo lo que hacen gracias por darnos tantas canciones que llenan el alma y corazón.

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