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Clash Of Clans The Headhunter New Video

Clash Of Clans The Headhunter New Video

Clash Of Clans The Headhunter New Video

The fourth and presumably final sneak peek of the Summer 2020 update for Clash of Clans revealed the Headhunter, a new Dark Elixir Troop that specifically targets heroes.

Available at Town Hall 12, the Headhunter is a ranged ground Troop that flings deadly cards at its enemies, doing extra damage against Heroes. In addition to four times the damage to heroes, her attacks inflict Poison Spell damage and effects on Heroes and Troops. The Headhunter is also able to jump over walls, allowing her to immediately target Heroes and other enemies.

The Headhunter is a ground Troop that requires six housing speed. She can attack up to three tiles and target both ground and air units.
Here are her costs for the various levels:

Level 1

DPS: 108 HP: 360 Training Cost: 100 DE Training Time: 1 Min Poison Effect: 40%/55% (movement speed/attack speed decrease)

Level 2

Upgrade Cost: 180K DE Upgrade Time: 14 Days DPS: 120 HP: 400 Training Cost: 120 DE Training Time: 1 Min Poison Effect: 42%/60%

Level 3

Upgrade Cost: 240K DE Upgrade Time: 16 Days DPS: 132 HP: 440 Training Cost: 140 DE Training Time: 1 Min Poison Effect: 44%/65%

Beyond the gameplay mechanic and attack strategy, the design of the Headhunter is equally as impressive. Supercell has really stepped up its design game with the new Troops and Building levels.
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If this is indeed the last sneak peek, we can probably expect the Summer 2020 update to arrive for Clash of Clans this coming week — perhaps as early as Monday. While this isn’t the biggest update the game has seen, the new additions are definitely among the best the game has seen.

Between the new Super Troops, the Headhunter, the balance changes and quality of life updates, this update is shaping up to be quite a good one.

Be sure to check back for the official patch notes once the Summer 2020 update goes live for Clash of Clans.

Two new Super Troops are coming to Clash of Clans with the Summer update

The last major update to Clash of Clans introduced Super Troops, powered-up versions of troops in the Home Village that come with a unique ability. Super Troops are seemingly inspired by the Builder Base, in which troops there come with special abilities.

The upcoming Summer 2020 update will be adding two more Super Troops to the Home Village: Inferno Dragon and Super Witch. The Inferno Dragon is a Super Troop version of the Baby Dragon while the Super Witch is a Super Troop version of the Witch with a much different summon.

Anyone who plays Clash Royale is probably quite familiar with the Inferno Dragon. It’s basically a mobile, flying version of the Inferno Tower. The longer the Inferno Dragon attacks a target, the more powerful the beam’s attack grows in damage. It can reach up to 1600 DPS if fully charged.

The Super Witch, meanwhile, summons “the Big Boy” a giant skeleton with nearly as many hit points as a Super Giant. The Super Witch also deals double the damage compared to a max-level Witch.