Purse your lips and whistle loudly for Priyanka Chopra, applauds Sukanya Verma.

An upside down camera slides in slow motion into a glowing luxury bus speeding against the golden hour light in amber and honey tones.

All is calm and safe until a curvaceous figure walks in the frame and burns down her sublime harmony.

Clad in a sexy scarlet dress with cut-outs, this embodiment of sensuality and naughtiness peers through rose-tinted glasses at her object of attention and flashes a killer desi girls smile.

Only now she speaks a ton of other languages ​​— Mandarin, Italian, German, you name it — but her act speaks louder.

Within seconds the scene goes from red hot to bloody red.

Purse your lips and whistle loud for Chopra, Priyanka Chopra.

Armed with refined sophistication and stellar panache, Priyanka Chopra Jonas carries her global fame lightly, slipping under the skin of a 007-style agent so seamlessly that the mind goes wild imagining the possibilities.

Peddling old-fashioned Hollywood cheeseball action without batting an eyelid, watching PC in punk mode is an inexplicable delight.

Try this: It’s a 22 Beretta aimed at your nuts.

Of the two episodes that Amazon Prime Video shared with us out of a total of six that air weekly, there’s not much of her in the pilot, but her introductory sequence alone and the display of sheer PC power in the second is a promising indication citadel‘s ambitions ahead.

Master of the Scale and avenger Daddy duo, Russo brothers Anthony and Joe, along with writer and creator David Weil, refuse to limit their vision to any specific region or nation where a citadel is an independent spy force taking on universal evil , hoping to achieve world harmony.

For 100 years, this obscure agency has quietly controlled the fate of historical and political events, until an all-powerful syndicate of Manticore, led by Dahlia (Leslie Manville), and its contradictory ideology shook the heart of the Citadel.

It’s up to Citadel star agents Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) to save the world.

Retrograde amnesia is just the beginning of challenges that lie ahead for this duo. And that they have history adds spice to the sauce given all the flirtatious vibes the air exudes when they’re together.

Unaware of the sinister plans brewing in their absence, one has gone home while the other lives in fear of a least culpable crime.

Bernard (Stanley Tucci), a colleague’s cocky, smartass bully, forms their strongest link until Manticore gets it.

Though the first two installments are mostly character builds, there’s a satisfying amount of action to keep the momentum going.

Fans of the world-saving genre might notice 007 Impossible Mission, John Wick-Brand of high-octane car chases, gruesome hand-to-hand combat with confidential nuclear codes, two-faced diplomats, bounty hunter twins versus incessant twists and turns at a world-bending pace.

it may be cliche, citadelThe fine selection of cool, easygoing, sassy actors gives him a wholesome life.

Priyanka burns, but Richard Madden’s slow burn and gentle masculinity take time to reveal the vulnerability behind those bright blue eyes.

Stanley Tucci’s unashamed confidence and ruthless professionalism have always been a silver bullet, as has veteran British Lesley Manville’s aggressive turn. Especially when she backs her hypocrisy with hostility, in statements like, “We will fight back with all our might against any entity that threatens our democracy.”

Hits home? Glad we have one citadel will appear in our garden soon.

Citadel is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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