Since 2023 Oscar Nominations were announced, a complex debate erupted over Andrea Riseborough’s Best Actress nomination for her performance in the indie drama To Leslie. Following the actress’ nomination, to the astonishment of many at the event, the Academy announced a “review” of campaign procedures around this year’s nominees. A decision of the Academy which yellow jackets cast member Christina Ricci took a hit with a brutally honest condemnation.

The Academy said it would review campaign procedures around this year’s nominees to ensure “the awards competition is conducted in a fair and ethical manner.” While Andrea Riseborough and To Leslie was not explicitly mentioned, many read between the lines. In an Instagram comment (via Independent), them Wednesday alum pointed out how the Academy’s decision was “elitist” and an attempt to disqualify films that don’t have enough money to campaign aggressively. The actress wrote:

It seems hilarious that the “surprise nomination” (meaning tons of money wasn’t spent positioning this actress) for a legitimately brilliant performance is being investigated. So only films and actors can afford campaigns that deserve recognition? Feels elitist and exclusive and, frankly, very backward to me. And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the campaign. These things are not controlled or decided by the actors themselves, and yet now her nomination will be tainted by this, and if removed, shame on them.