Latest World News: Canada Calling: the program to woo H1B holders obtains 10,000 applications

On July 16, Canada made a bold move by launching a ambitious immigration plan to attract highly skilled tech workers. The program offered H-1B visa holders in the United States a three-year open work permit. It was to last for a year or until 10,000 applications were received, whichever came first.

To everyone’s surprise, the response exceeded all expectations and Canada had to close the program a day later, as the quota of 10,000 applications was quickly reached.

Canada’s tech sector has mostly been an afterthought, with its top talent often migrating to the United States, leaving local companies struggling. But recent layoffs by U.S. tech companies have given Canada an opportunity. Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser saw it as the perfect opportunity to woo H1B visa holders, offering them stability and new career prospects in Canada. The program also extended to their immediate family members, allowing them to work or study in the country.

Attracting talent was the easy part; the real challenge was finding jobs to retain these tech workers.

The Indian Express spoke with a former technician who came to Canada with considerable experience from India and abroad. However, he had to pivot after struggling to find meaningful employment in the tech industry. He is now a long-haul truck driver.

Canada just doesn’t have a thriving tech scene to accommodate everyone, said the tech-turned-trucker, who chose to remain anonymous. Most of the so-called tech jobs here are in IT support for non-tech companies, basically one or two jobs per company. And whatever is available is cheap. Reflecting on his background, he said: I worked as a software programmer in India and South East Asia, but when I came here I couldn’t find a job that matched my experience and expectations. Then a friend suggested trucking, and I thought there was no harm in trying. My first biweekly checkup was more than what I was offered for a month in IT jobs!

Another desi techie turned trucker recently returned to the IT business after eight years to escape the challenges of being on the road. However, he had to take a huge pay cut.

I understand why these 10,000 applications arrived so quickly. There have been layoffs and there is an outrageously long waiting list of people wanting to move from H1B to green card. But they will be in shock once they arrive in Canada and start looking for a job and a home. Canadian tech jobs pay only half of what Silicon Valley tech jobs do, and real estate here is as expensive as the Bay Area, said the former tech.

15 desis arrested as police bust truck theft ring

Last week, fifteen Indo-Canadians were arrested in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for their involvement in an organized truck theft ring. Investigating as part of “Project Big Rig”, authorities targeted six locations in the GTA and successfully recovered more than $9 million worth of stolen cargo and tractor-trailers. The suspects’ modus operandi was to cut fences in truck parks to steal vehicles and goods, which they then resold on the gray market. Police reported the recovery of 28 containers of stolen goods worth $6.99 million, as well as 28 stolen tractors and trailers worth $2.25 million, bringing the total salvage value to $9.24 million.

Indian pizza delivery driver killed in carjacking lured: Police

Gurvinder Nath, the 24-year-old Indian international student and pizza delivery driver who tragically died after a violent carjacking attempt in Mississauga, may have been lured by unidentified suspects through a food order, according to an update provided by police last week.

Nath, who came to Canada in 2021 from SBS Nagar district in Punjab, lived in Brampton and worked as a pizza delivery driver to support himself. In the early hours of July 9, he was delivering pizza to an address in Mississauga when he was violently assaulted and his car was stolen. He was rushed to hospital but sadly died on July 14.

Authorities revealed they believe several suspects were involved in the incident and that the food order was used as a means to lure Nath to the specific location. Police said Nath appeared to be an innocent victim and there were no known links between him and his attackers.

(Daksh Panwar is an Ontario-based journalist and broadcaster. Twitter: @Daksh280)

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An Overview of Global Events in 2023

In 2023, the world witnessed a myriad of events that left a lasting impact on global affairs. From political developments and economic shifts to environmental challenges and breakthroughs in science and technology, the year was marked by significant changes and a sense of urgency for collective action. Here’s an overview of some of the latest world news in 2023.

Political Unrest and Diplomatic Strides:
In the political arena, several regions experienced unrest and geopolitical tensions. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East continued to dominate headlines, with efforts towards peace and stability remaining elusive. However, there were also moments of diplomatic breakthroughs as nations engaged in dialogues to ease tensions and work towards lasting solutions.

Economic Transformations:
The global economy faced both challenges and opportunities. Trade disputes between major powers affected markets, while some countries grappled with debt crises. On the other hand, emerging economies showed resilience and promising growth, fueling optimism for a more balanced global economic landscape.

Technological Advancements:
Innovation surged forward in the tech industry, with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and space exploration. Quantum computing achieved milestones, promising radical transformations across industries. Renewable energy sources gained traction, with many countries setting ambitious goals to combat climate change.

Climate Crisis and Environmental Resilience:
As the climate crisis intensified, extreme weather events wreaked havoc in various parts of the world. Wildfires, hurricanes, and floods reminded humanity of the urgent need for climate action. In response, governments and communities across the globe doubled down on efforts to reduce carbon emissions, invest in sustainable infrastructure, and protect biodiversity.

Health and Pandemic Management:
Health remained a global priority as countries continued to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. With the emergence of new variants, vaccination efforts and public health measures remained crucial to curbing the spread of the virus. There were also significant advancements in medical research and technology, offering hope for better preparedness in handling future health crises.

Sports and Cultural Milestones:
Amidst the challenges, the world found moments of joy and unity through sports and culture. International sporting events brought together athletes from diverse backgrounds, promoting solidarity and camaraderie. Cultural exchanges and celebrations showcased the richness of human diversity and fostered mutual understanding.

In conclusion, the year 2023 was a dynamic period filled with significant events that shaped the course of history. From political unrest to technological advancements and environmental challenges, the world witnessed the complexities of the global landscape. While obstacles remained, there were also encouraging developments and collaborative efforts towards a more sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous future for all nations. As we move forward, the lessons learned from these events serve as a reminder of the importance of collective action and cooperation to address shared global challenges.