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If there is one trait that seems to be common to almost all Pakistani lawmakers, regardless of their political affiliation, it is a thinly concealed disdain for parliament and the legislative process. While they once mocked the PTI government for running an ordinance factory instead of carrying out its legislative business through parliament, the ruling parties have done little better since coming to power, ultimately reducing the National Assembly to an automatic buffer for their legislative agenda.

On Thursday, the first day of the National Assembly’s 15th farewell session, the House cleared critical legislation without the required number of lawmakers present for the debates, with Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf bundling House proceedings to allow the two bills to be radically altered and then ramming the amendments through a voice vote before they were even tabled.

According to reports, he gave the floor to Aviation Minister Saad Rafique to introduce significant amendments including 100 new clauses in the Pakistan Airports Authority Bill, 2022 and Pakistan Civil Aviation Bill, 2022 with less than two dozen members present. Both bills had been tabled a year ago and had been approved by the relevant committee in their original form.

The privilege to change or introduce rules and laws is not a prerogative that can be exercised without checks and balances. What was so important in the amendments that they could not be put up for debate and discussion before the elected representatives of the people, as they should be?

Had the government slept for the past few months before realizing that it had some necessary business to attend to at the last hour? And what does it say about our legislators that less than two dozen deigned to attend the session which, as is now usual, started hours later than scheduled when there was still a lot of legislative work pending before the NA?

It is unfortunate that the government seems to have ignored all criticism of how it has crafted and amended laws over the past 15 months.

Although there is no significant opposition within the NA to impede her efforts and there are only weeks left before her term ends, she still opted to pass legislation without having it debated or approved by public officials. What else is contempt of Parliament?

Posted in Dawn, July 22, 2023


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