Latest World News: British tourist on Rhodes wildfires: Seas turned black, skies orange

It felt like the end of the world, a British tourist who escaped wildfires in Rhodes told Sky News, as extreme heat sparked a number of blazes in the area. The island’s countryside has been burning for five days, prompting the Greek government to evacuate 19,000 people – 16,000 by land and 3,000 by sea – marking the “largest evacuation ever from a forest fire in the country’s history”.

Forest fire in Greece: Smoke rises from a forest fire on the island of Rhodes, Greece. (Reuters)

A number of places in the east of the island have been evacuated including three resorts while around 2,000 tourists have been evacuated from Kiotari and Lardos on the island’s southeast coast. Jet2 has canceled all its flights saying: We will fly these planes to Rhodes without customers on board, so we can continue to bring customers back to the UK on their scheduled flights. Tui has also canceled its flights, while Thomas Cook says it will cancel and refund all bank holidays in the Kiotari and Lardos areas.

What did the British tourist say about the wildfires in Greece?

Ian Murison from London was staying in the Kiotari area of ​​Rhodes when he noticed dark clouds passing over his hotel. Two days later, while having breakfast on the beach, he noticed the orange sky again.

We noticed that the sea had started to turn black with soot and in fact people were coming out of the sea noticing ash falling on their heads. I can only describe it as an almost cinematic experience where everyone is looking at the sky when it’s a very strange orange color, and everyone is looking around and saying “what’s going on”, he said.

His family then began to pack when an evacuation notice sounded.

When we arrived there were only a few hundred people – there were a few cafes and bars and they served beers and soft drinks, and everyone was just happy, thinking “great, we walked away from the fire”. And then over the next few hours, the number of people in that area only grew and grew, and then as the light fell, people became more and more worried about how they were going to get out of it, he said.

It was literally like the end of the world. And the flames were now much more visible because of course it’s night and we couldn’t see that during the day. Suddenly, there were leaping flames in the sky, and the sky was completely orange in the distance – so this kind of panic happened, he continued.

His family got on one of the small boats that took people to bigger boats. There were still hundreds of people, maybe a thousand people, on the beach when we left it, and the place was littered with suitcases because they were throwing them from the boats, he said.

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