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Saif saves Bhut Police out of boredom, notes Namrata Thakker.

Filmmakers are exploring the horror comedy genre in Bollywood, but only a few films have been successful.

Ban Golmaal again and the streetmovies like Nanu Ki Jaanu, Ruhi and Lakshmi failed to impress the public or the critics.

Bhut Police, starring Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Yami Gautam and Jacqueline Fernandez, created intrigue with its trailer. However, Pawan Kripalani’s directorial venture falls short of expectations due to an immature script mixed with clich├ęd subplots and poor performances.

The story revolves around two brothers, Vibhuti and Chiraunji.

Since their father was tantricthey follow suit. But instead of helping people, their goal is to make money.

While Chiraunji believes in the supernatural and wants to become a better person, Vibhuti is skeptical and only does it to get rich.

When Maya (Yami Gautam) approaches the brothers to get rid of kichkandi (evil spirit), Vibhuti and Chiraunji go with her to Dharamsala. They arrive at a beautiful estate in the middle of the hills to help Maya and her sister Kanika (Jacqueline Fernandez).

Vibhuti is convinced that such a thing as kichkandi. Kanika thinks the same and is not at all impressed with the brothers.

At some point, Vibhuti and Kanika team up due to their own greed.

The part where they scare the estate workers is funny. So is the scene where Saif’s character realizes the ghosts are real.

The buildup to the climax is good, but then, alas! the film falls into the trap of Bollywood cliches.

Bhut Police starts on a good note with Saif in his element, delivering comic relief.

Arjun Kapoor makes a serious attempt to play his part well but fails to deliver.

As brothers, Saif and Arjun could do much more to strengthen the chemistry between them.

The same is the case with Yami and Jacqueline. You never see them bond as sisters.

Individually, all the characters have their moments, but collectively the cast just doesn’t create any magic.

Javed Jaaferi is also in the film, but his character does not have an arc.

Bhut Police had a lot of potential but ended up making a horror comedy that’s not too funny, hardly scary and, frankly, to be missed.

The only saving grace is Saif Ali Khan who carries the film on his shoulders.

Look Bhut Police if you are a Saif fan and don’t mind slapstick comedy.

Bhoot Police airs on Disney+ HotStar.

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