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Akshay Kumar is leading the show in a way that only he can.
The right freebie appears in the picture, but more importantly, his deadpan style works to the benefit of the character he plays,” applauds Yoginder Tuteja.

There were two reasons why I was very excited to watch white bottom.

First, the thrill of seeing a movie on the big screen five months after it was last released in theaters. Mumbai Sagain March.

Secondly, the advertisement gave the impression that Akshay Kumar in the title role belongs to the genre baby and Air Transportthe actor’s two favorite films.

Since my favorite genre is spy thrillers, I was hoping that the film would live up to the expectations that the promo had set.

Fortunately, that’s what happened.

The film, directed by Ranjit M. Tiwari, depicts events that took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Although Indian planes are known to have been hijacked at the time, the manner in which this is explained at the beginning of the film is about how working method came into play, was really a revelation.

It was all the more surprising to learn that there were conflicting views in government circles about Pakistan’s role in this chain of events, including the hijacking of the plane around which white bottom has been developed.

Here we must pay tribute white bottom team that even though a lot of geopolitics comes into play, the film does not fall into the zone of super-powerful conditions and does not become a docudrama. Instead, everything is going smoothly, like the artist Akshay Kumar.

Not naarebaazi or deshbhakti ka sandesh plunges into the throat of the audience.

Instead, the premise is explained with facts and at the same time in an entertaining manner, while approaching an exciting second half.

Akshay Kumar’s home life with wife Vaani Kapoor and mother Dolly Ahluwalia is getting better in no time. The reason he entered R&AW (under senior Adil Hussain) is also well thought out, and then the whole introductory and practice block is laid out neatly.

As the first half rolls on and you get closer to the breaking point, you understand why the backstory (which also includes the past origins of the hijackers and a hint of a mastermind) was so necessary.

With thrills set in London (movie filmed in Scotland), white bottom prepares for an intriguing second half as several characters begin to enter the picture.

R&AW agents, government officials, Pakistani agents, terrorists, domestic officials, nervous moments in PMO, the emergence of plans A, B and C, and above all, some insightful thoughts do white bottom cool watch.

The entire second half is a fluid sequence of events at a breathtaking pace, although I wish the climax had been completed with dialogue. baazi and dramatic moments with the central terrorist.

But since the movie plays out realistically, you can see why. movies instinct was suppressed.

The crew must be given credit for making the film in record time despite the pandemic.

I assumed the film might be a little limited in terms of production due to restrictions in place due to the COVID peak phase in which the film was filmed.

However, you get to see a large-scale film where over 50 percent of the scenes take place outdoors, which is an outstanding achievement.

Akshay Kumar is leading the show in a way that only he can. The right loot appears in the picture, but more importantly, his deadpan style works in favor of the character he’s playing. Someone who is no nonsense but at the same time has a typical sense of humor makes him an interesting actor to watch.

Lara Dutta is quite effective as Indira Gandhi, while Adil Hussain has a meaningful role with a couple of applause-worthy dialogues.

Vaani Kapoor has an interesting role and Huma Qureshi fits.

Zein Khan Durrani, as a key terrorist, is quite sure of himself.

The actors playing Indian and Pakistani officials are thankfully not caricatured and fit in well with their roles.

white bottom quenches the thirst of watching a movie on the big screen. It’s pretty interesting and makes you look forward to a sequel that’s pretty much on the cards.

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