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Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh is one of India’s most established BGMI players, and he was part of the Orange Rock roster that made an amazing comeback in the PUBG Mobile World League 2020. With the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the star signed for Global Esports, one of the most revered esports organizations to come out of the country.

There is a long season ahead, and Mavi, alongside the other members, is expected to guide Global Esports as one of the top performers. In a chat with Sportskeeda, the famous player discussed several points including the story reason behind his name and more.

‘Success will come to you if you work hard’: Mavi’s advice to future BGMI players

Q. Usually, players pick names in-game that often have special meaning to them. Can you share the story behind the name “Mavi” and why you decided to use it?

The name “Mavi” in the game has a special meaning because it reflects our family name, which is widely recognized in our region. Therefore, I decided to use it as my IGN to maintain a sense of familiarity and identity while playing.

Q. Mavi, you are revered as an IGL in the BGMI community. Could you share with our readers the origins of your journey with the Battle Royale title and how you embraced the role of leader in the game?

My journey with BGMI started as a casual gamer, but I was drawn into the esports scene. As my skills grew, I realized that I could be an effective leader. Embracing the role of an In-Game Leader, I now strategically guide my team to success. It was a difficult but rewarding path to becoming a revered IGL in the BGMI community.

Q. As an IGL, shot calling is only one aspect of your role. Could you shed some light on other critical responsibilities and tasks you handle inside and outside the server?

As IGL, my core responsibilities include the shot call, fostering team synergy, fostering individual understanding, and developing a consistent approach to the game. These tasks are crucial both inside and outside of the game, and my primary focus is to focus my efforts on building a solid foundation for the team over time.

Q. As a highly accomplished content creator and professional gamer representing Global Esports, how do you balance esports, content creation and personal life?

Sach Bataun, I can’t balance properly. I’m trying my best but as you all know I just got married and it’s a whole new experience for me. So, I take my time and try to do my best in esports, building the team, creating content and managing my personal life.

Q. With Battlegrounds Mobile India matchmaking limited to India and very few international events featuring Indian teams, do you think this limitation is hindering the growth and prospects of Indian players and teams on the global stage?

The limitation of BGMI’s matchmaking to India and the lack of international events featuring Indian teams are indeed hampering their growth and prospects in the global esports scene. To reach the top, it is crucial for Indian teams to compete regularly against global rosters and adapt to the international tournament meta. This exposure and experience is vital to their development and success on the world stage.

Q. With several events already concluded since the return of BGMI, which teams do you consider to be direct competitors of Global Esports?

As of now, our team is in the building phase, and once we are fully prepared, I will provide more information. However, currently, I am impressed with the performance of TEAM BLIND and GLADIATORS, as they are playing exceptionally well.

Q. You have played in national and international tournaments. How well do you think India’s top BGMI teams would fare on the international stage?

Having played in national and international tournaments, I strongly believe that India’s top BGMI teams might face challenges on the international stage.

Without constant exposure to global teams and adapting to the international tournament meta/competition, it can be difficult for Indian teams to achieve top spot. Currently, our region may not be in a strong position to compete with global teams, but with good exposure, we will get there.

Q. Playing BGMI Level 1 requires exceptional dedication. Could you share any training methods or routines you’ve used to maintain your competitive edge over the years?

To maintain my competitive edge in BGMI, I adopted a dedicated workout routine. I use the improved training ground for drills, analyze the streams of my competitive scrims to identify areas for improvement, and work to refine my mechanical skills. However, the most crucial method I employ is constant participation in scrims, which helps me and my team grow and improve our performance.

Q. With the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India, tournaments in full swing and official events announced, what are your goals for this year? Are there specific individual or collective milestones you want to achieve?

With the return of BGMI and ongoing tournaments, our current focus is to perform at our best in upcoming official events. As a team under construction, we aim to make significant progress and strive to achieve top five finishes in every major official and unofficial event over the next six months, showcasing Global Esports’ growth and competitiveness in the gaming arena.

Q. Having been on several successful rosters, including OR Esports, what do you think is the key to building a successful BGMI team?

The main factors are mainly patience, dedication and a cohesive collective effort of all team members and stakeholders involved in the journey. #Trust the process.

Q. As a community veteran, what advice would you give to young people looking to make a name for themselves in BGMI through esports or content creation?

Hi! If you’re a young gamer or content creator trying to shine in BGMI, it’s a fast-paced world, so stay positive and be prepared with a backup plan just in case. If you love esports, don’t forget to share your awesome gameplay and stuff on social media. And always remember to stay humble and down to earth. Success will come to you if you work hard and stay flexible! Good luck!

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