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In a surprising move, Apple is reportedly developing its own AI-powered chatbot, tentatively dubbed “Apple GPT.” The company has been tight-lipped about the technology’s potential release to the public. Always, Bloomberg sources reveal that multiple teams are actively working on the project, focusing on the privacy implications.

The chatbot is built on Apple’s proprietary Extended Language Model (LLM) framework, known as “Ajax”. Apple partnered with Google Cloud to speed up the development process and used the Google JAX framework, which was specifically designed to improve machine learning research. By using Ajax, Apple aims to streamline machine learning development and create a unified platform for AI initiatives.

While tech giants like Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, and Google have been quick to make generative AI products available to the public, Apple has maintained a glaring absence from the market. The company’s reluctance to embrace generative AI became evident when it banned its employees from using ChatGPT, a popular AI language model developed by OpenAI. Instead, Apple engineers internally experimented with the internal Ajax-powered chatbot.

Apple’s AI journey began long before the advent of generative AI products. Its most recognizable AI system, Siri, pioneered the voice assistant trend, but has come under constant criticism for its limitations and performance. In recent interviews, the Apple CEO highlighted the company’s strong interest in AI technology, saying they are closely monitoring developments in the field. However, he also acknowledged the challenges of AI products and stressed the need to resolve various issues before making meaningful progress.

As the generative AI landscape continues to evolve, other tech companies have taken steps to collaborate and share their large language models (LLMs) with startups and researchers. For example, Meta made headlines when it announced that its LLM, LLaMA 2, would be accessible on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Microsoft, in turn, runs OpenAI’s GPT model on its Bing search product.

Despite Apple’s secretive stance on its AI plans, insiders predict the company will make a notable AI-related announcement sometime next year. This highly anticipated reveal has sparked curiosity and speculation among the tech community, eager to see how Apple will leverage its expertise to innovate in AI.

In conclusion, Apple’s venture into AI-powered chatbots with “Apple GPT” demonstrates the company’s commitment to exploring new technological frontiers. While details on the chatbot’s public release remain scarce, Apple’s relentless pursuit of privacy-conscious AI solutions sets a promising tone for the future of generative AI. As industry competitors forge ahead, the spotlight is now on Apple to unveil its AI vision and make its mark in the rapidly expanding world of artificial intelligence.

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