Latest Technology News: Apple Watch’s emergency calling capabilities save man after big bang

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jul 24, 2023 1:18 PM IST

By Abhik Sengupta: The Apple Watch has been repeatedly recognized as a very versatile and useful tool in emergency situations. Once again, Apple’s smartwatch proves it’s more than just a smartwatch by saving a man’s life after a fatal fall. As Apple Insider reported, Robert Naess, an investment manager and trail runner in Norway, accidentally slipped during a run and ended up seriously injured. Thanks to the fall and call detection function of the Apple Watch, he was able to call the emergency services and receive medical assistance in time.

The report adds that Naess fell chest first, which resulted in multiple cracked ribs. He also collapsed one of his lungs due to the fall. Due to severe pain, he could not reach his iPhone to make the emergency call. Instead, he used his Apple Watch to call an ambulance. The smartwatch also supports the fall detection feature, which Apple rolled out last year. The feature operates sensors and makes critical phone calls whenever the watch detects an accidental drop. However, the Norwegian called manually from the smartwatch for prompt assistance.

After the phone call via Apple Watch, Naess was picked up near the road and taken to Haukeland Hospital in Bergen, Norway. Speaking to Norwegian outlet Verdens Gang, Naess said: “It hurt terribly, I was out of breath and quickly realized I had collapsed lungs because I had it a few years ago.”

He adds, “I didn’t wait for it (the iPhone) to ring, I immediately pressed the side button and it started ringing. I may have missed the call because after a while it does it automatically, but I called anyway.”

Naess told the publication that he would continue running with extra caution.

While many other smartwatches offer calling features, Apple Watch has been credited many times for saving lives due to its focus on health-focused features. If users use an LTE variant of Apple Watches, it becomes easier to make calls without an iPhone. Apple has also experimented with fall detection and satellite connectivity to make its smartwatches more versatile in emergencies. Competitors like Garmin come close to similar functionality, although their watches rely heavily on signals from connected smartphones.

Recently, Apple has also started rolling out AFib history for watch users with heart disease in India. AFib or atrial fibrillation is a type of irregular heartbeat and a chronic condition.

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