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Apple hasn’t announced RCS for iMessage

Apple hasn’t announced RCS for iMessage


Google really wants Apple to “fix text messaging”. Their campaign to try and convince Apple to include RCS in iMessage hasn’t slowed down and is pretty much the constant focus of their messaging. In fact, at Google I/O a couple of weeks ago, Google made it clear once again that they’d like Apple to implement enhanced messaging that replaced text messaging on Android.

Today at Apple’s own developer conference, WWDC, we spent three seconds thinking, “Hey, I wonder if they will surprise the world and announce RCS for iMessage?” People, they didn’t. They talked a lot about Messages on iOS and some of the upcoming changes, but didn’t announce RCS support at all.

They’ve dedicated an entire section to what’s new in Messages, covering fancy new stickers made from all the emojis, person-to-person tracking, search filters, and a new menu that remembers your most used items. Apple continues to push Messages on the iPhone without taking into account those who don’t have an iPhone, which is what Google wants them to do.

RCS, again, did not participate in the conversation.

While Apple was getting to know everything new, with every pause, I hoped to hear: “And you know what, we don’t want anyone to feel hatred or bullying because of the color of their messaging cloud, so we are adopting a text messaging standard.” used by those who don’t have an iPhone.” They didn’t. They could. But we know their position on this matter. Apple and its executive team are well aware of the power of iMessage and how it keeps users on Apple devices. They want you to buy your mom an iPhone, not to do the right thing in messaging.

There is always a small chance that Apple will adopt RCS at some point in the future. The problem is, I’m not sure it will do them much good. Google needs to sell them something more than just “You could fix text messages for Android users and stop teenagers from bullying each other!” Since Apple will never care about Android users and teenagers, they probably know that most of them will end up just switching to iPhone to solve this green and blue bubble problem.

Maybe next year.