Well, it’s a depressant. This week, EA announced it was shutting down. Apex Legends for mobile and the cessation of development of Battlefield Mobile. Released last May, Apex Legends Mobile seemed to be a very popular game. It was almost at the top of all year-end game lists, but apparently it wasn’t profitable enough for EA to keep supporting it.

Apex Legends Mobile has begun a 90-day countdown, with May 1 being the date the servers will shut down. All in-app purchases are currently closed and downloads from app stores are limited. It’s time to say goodbye guys.

Here’s what Respawn had to say about Apex Legends Mobile.

At Respawn, we are committed to providing players with consistently outstanding games. After a strong start, the content pipeline for Apex Legends Mobile began to fall behind this bar in terms of quality, quantity, and frequency. It is for this reason that after several months of working with our development partner, we have made the mutual decision to shut down our mobile game.

Here comes EA on Battlefield Mobile.

We have also made the decision to halt development of the current Battlefield mobile game. As the industry matures and our strategy to create a deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem evolves, we have decided to change the current direction to best fulfill our vision for the franchise and meet the expectations of our players.

As for Battlefield, the game didn’t have a chance to spread its wings, as it never made it to mobile, aside from some testing in some markets. It’s unfortunate, but given how much work the PC and console versions of Battlefield could use, it’s probably a good decision. However, we still feel sorry for everyone who worked on this title. I hope they can be transferred to other projects.

RIP, Apex Legends Mobile.

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