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“On the first day of a Rajnikanth film, there is usually a lot of buzz in theaters as fans dance and delight in every dialogue and action.”
“But in this film, the fans were silent. They didn’t find anything to shout about,” notes S. Praveen Kumar, a die-hard fan of Rajinikanth.

As superstar Rajnikanth recently won the Dadasaheb Phalke award, there are high hopes for his new film. Annaatte.

But I left disappointed.

Rajnikanth plays like Rajnikanth in all his films and I love his acting.

I have been a fan of his all my life.

But I didn’t like this movie.

This is an age-old story, and everything is predictable.

My friend even predicted background music!

Rajnikanth is acting normal but we can’t enjoy it anymore as we’ve seen him do the same in other films.

On the first day of a Rajinikanth film, there is usually a lot of noise in theaters, fans dancing and enjoying every dialogue and action. But in this film, the fans were silent. They didn’t find anything to shout about.

D Imaan’s music was loud and harsh.

The songs were good, but there were too many of them and they didn’t add any value to the story.

Rajnikanth seemed to find it difficult to dance.

AT PettaiRajnikanth looked young. Here he looks even younger.

Nayantara is Rajnikanth’s love interest, but she doesn’t have many opportunities.

Kirti Suresh, who plays Rajinikanth’s sister, plays a big role.

The whole story is about the love of a brother for a sister.

Annaatte means “big brother”. The scenes between Rajnikanth and Kirti are very good, but I don’t think it’s anything new. I’ve seen scenes like this before.

The heroines of past years, Rajnikanth Meena and Khusbhu, appear on the screen for 10-15 minutes.

The whole movie looks like a mega-series.

Prakash Raj, one of the villains, does the same. It’s good, but repetitive.

Then come Jagapati Babu and Abhimanyu Singh (who played the frightening villain in Tiran Adhikaram Ondru.

Comedian Suri plays Rajnikanth’s relative. He makes us laugh in several scenes.

Comedian Satish appears as Khusbu’s brother who is interested in marrying Kirti Suresh.

Livingston makes a brief appearance as Mina’s husband.

Another veteran Pandiarajan (known for his comedy films) plays Khusbu’s husband. He’s been there for 15 minutes and has no effect.

Rajnikanth also seems to have a hard time filming action sequences.

The stunt coordinator had to be mindful of his age and stage his scenes accordingly.

The scenery is as you would expect from a Rajnikanth film.

Director Sirutai Shiva looks like he made this film by combining three of his previous films. Veram, Vedalam and Vishwasam.

I didn’t like directing because he didn’t use the talent he had available.

Surprisingly, there are no climaxes in this film. He also does not make any political statements.

Annaatte left me feeling deja vu.

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