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San Francisco, July 23 (IANS) Android 14 would soon support SMS via satellite function on mobile phones, marking a significant advancement in mobile communication technology. According to a tweet from the Pixel #TeamPixel Twitter account, users will likely soon get satellite texting support with Android 14, Phone Arena reports.

“Satellite SMS, Android 14,” he tweeted.

Users will be able to use their devices to send and receive SMS messages once the update is released, even in areas where cellular coverage is limited or unavailable.

Additionally, the tweet also mentioned that the Pixel and Galaxy phones will be among the first Android models to have the hardware to support SMS via satellite.

“SMS Satellite will be added to Android, and requires proper hardware, it’s up to the manufacturer so Pixel and Galaxy will be among the first to have it,” Pixel said #TeamPixel.

The release of the final, stable version of Android 14 is fast approaching, with around two to three weeks left before its launch.

However, the full scope of satellite support in smartphones remains unclear.

Apple (NASDAQ:) already supports emergency SOS via satellite.

With the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, users can use Emergency SOS via satellite to send text messages to emergency services when they are out of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

The feature had proven its lifesaving potential by aiding in the rescue of those trapped in remote areas.

The Satellite Emergency SOS feature helped save two people in a serious car accident in the United States.

According to MacRumors, the incident happened on the Angeles Forest Highway in the US state of Angeles National Forest in California, with a vehicle rolling down the side of a mountain and falling about 300 feet into a remote canyon.

An iPhone 14 in the car detected the crash and sent the information to rescuers using Emergency SOS via Satellite as there was no cell signal.



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