Latest Kerala Local News: An unidentified miscreant terrorizes Kannur; knock on the door at

Oil stained handprint on a wall, bulb missing

Cherupuzha: An unknown person who frequents people’s houses in the middle of the night and knocks on their doors has given many sleepless nights. This stranger’s journey which started two weeks ago from Rayaroth in Alakode panchayat has now reached Prapoil in Cherupuzha panchayat.

This disbeliever goes into houses at night and knocks on doors. He imprints his crude oil-smeared handprints on doors and walls, then proceeds to create a ruckus by smashing open windows and removing light bulbs.

Its disturbances first took place in the Rayarom-Kothapally section and later, after causing disturbances in Kunderi and Peruvatta, it has now reached Prapoil region.

The other day he visited many houses in the Eyyankallu area. He runs away if a door is opened by responding to his blows. He did so at the homes of Sati Kanamkaran, PJ Rajan Thachethu and Madhu Kuzhiparambil in the Eyyankallu area.

On Saturday morning, he came to Machiyanikkel Krishnankutty’s house on the Prapoyil-Kakkot road near the Juma Mosque and forced open the windows of the house. He also removed the exterior bulbs. Other doors he knocked on that day include the homes of Vahanikkal Muhammed Sharif, Ottaplackal Shabin and RK Pradeepan.

Ever since Sharif installed CCTV, the troublemaker has been knocking on the back door of his house. Therefore, it is suggested that it be someone who knows the area well. He arrived there around 3 a.m.

As soon as residents informed the Cherupuzha police, they arrived at the scene and searched the area with the help of other residents. However, they found no one.

A few days ago, when the troublemaker reached Ambattukuzhi Raju’s residence in Rayarom around 8:30 p.m., Raju and his son chased the man for a long distance but failed to catch up with him. Various fictional stories about this stranger circulate in the region. The police have stepped up their investigation to catch this miscreant who is terrorizing the locals with his tactics.

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