Latest Kerala Local News: An old public library in Kannur with a story about Gandhi in

Cannanore Public Library stands opposite a residential building of Gujarati families, both beautiful with age and with a story to share for those who stop to ask.

Along Bank Road in Keralas Kannur, lined with numerous shops and a sparkling shopping mall, two old buildings face each other that almost stubbornly refuse to change with the times. On one side is the Cannanore Public Library located in Govardhan Mandir, and on the other side is an old residential building, both beautiful with age. The two also have a bit of history to share for those who stop to ask.

One rainy day in June, Prasannan, the library’s elderly secretary, sits alone behind a table in the cramped downstairs lobby. Bookshelves jut out into the narrow spaces for the reader to walk through and search for books. The top of each shelf has a few letters of the alphabet to identify the group of books it contains. Prasannan, if you ask him, will pull out an old book that maps letters to books. These registers, he points to more dusty books lovingly kept on his table, date from a long time ago.

The library was built in 1929, he says, but it is not sure if it was the first in Kannur. People who loved books and wanted a library here built it. It all started in one room and they had to fund it all themselves. Even now, the situation is not much better. We might need some help, says Prasannan, who voluntarily took over the secretariat of the library.


He also tells us about the building opposite and the Gujarati families who live there. When Mahatma Gandhi once came to Kannur, that’s where he stayed, with a Gujarati family. And his wife Kasturba used to come to the library to take women’s classes, Prasannan said.

Local historian and writer Kottiyath Sadanandan says it is true that Gandhi came to Kannur and stayed with the Seth family in their house. It is right in front of the library. There was a building behind the one you see now, with a big yard and everything. This is where Gandhi stayed. Seth is also known to have given up space for the construction of Kannur railway station, Sadanandan says.

Apartment building opposite

Gandhi visited Kannur twice, he adds. The first time was in 1920 and the second in 1934.

The room containing the books in 1929 obviously grew over the next few years into a large room with an inner room, with all the books neatly filed and organized and added to a database. On the upper floor is a reading room. Here, the benches are occupied, their heads bent over newspapers and books in which they seemed lost.

The library survives on membership fees from its patrons, but that’s not enough, says Prasannan. He hopes that help will come sooner or later so that the beloved old library can support itself.

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