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Ajeeb Daastaans review – Movies Rediff.com


Leaving aside the predictability of stories, Adjib Daastans “Good watch,” Pratik Sur says.

Adjib Dastans

We’ve all heard of dysfunctional families, right? But what about dysfunctional relationships with people who are not family?

Adjib Daastans explores the kind of broken relationships we end up building consciously or unconsciously over the years.

Four strikingly different stories are stitched together by a common thread of unexplored relationships.

Speaking of performances, newcomer Armaan Ralkhan stands apart. He is the perfect combination of good looks and rough play. He manages to understand the dialect perfectly, and this makes his performance even better.

Then we have Aditi Rao Hydari, who is known for playing a lot of colorful characters. But this time around, the intensity with which she achieves perfect screen appeal is to be commended. Her chemistry with Konkona Sensharma is fantastic.

Shefali Shah puts on an amazing performance. Her jokes with Manav Kaul are something you will remember long after the movie is over.

You will be surprised that Jaideep Ahlawat doesn’t put too much on his plate. Then all of a sudden, in the last five minutes of his segment, he blows you away.

Fatima Sana Shaikh tries her best to be a sexy, hot, desperate housewife, but she fails.

But in general, the performances are surprisingly good.

Among the four stories, the one that will surprise you the most is Niraja Gaivana Jilly Pucci. Like his debut film, Masaanlayered writing in Jilly Pucci highlights the socio-economic imbalance of Indian society in every scene.

Climax of Raj Mehta hilauna will make you tear your hair out when you wonder what just happened. You will end up remembering the scene over and over again, just to make sure you and the story are on the same page. This is the stellar ending to a rather monotonous tale.

Shashank Khaitana Majnu quite predictable, especially if you’ve seen the trailer. However, just when you think the curtain on this story is closing, the real story hits you hard.

Ankahi Kayoze Irani demands your praise. Without a doubt, Boman’s son Irani has achieved impressive success as a director. The story will not only make you think about your personal relationship, but also emphasize what a real relationship should be.

The way the stories unfold in the little neighborhoods of small towns amplifies their impact tremendously.

I wouldn’t say the stories are exciting because they all have a sense of predictability.

While you’re surprised at how the ending unfolds, you have a clear idea of ​​where each story is leading up to in the middle of each segment. This predictability kills some of the fun.

The music is great. Background estimation in Jilly Pucci is stellar and you’ll be humming it long after you’ve finished watching the movie.

Adjib Daastans this is Karan Johar’s way of expressing broken and broken relationships in an environment of unexplored spaces.

Leaving aside the predictability of the stories, this is a really good watch.

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