Latest World News: Admiral Lisa Franchetti becomes the first woman to lead the US Navy

The appointment of Admiral Lisa Franchetti marked a milestone in the history of the US Navy, becoming the first woman to serve as Chief of Naval Operations And member of the joint staff.

What’s in the news?

US President Joe Biden appointed Admiral Lisa Franchetti to lead the US Navy. If confirmed by the SenateFranchetti would become the first female member of the Joint Chiefs of Staffwhich consists of heads of army, navy, air force and others.

Admiral Lisa Franchetti:

Lisa Marie Franchetti is a United States Navy Admiral who serves as 42n/a Vice Chief of Naval Operations Since September 2022 and currently named the first woman to lead the US Navy.

Franchetti previously served as Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of 2020 to 2022THE Second Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for the development of the war in 2020 And commander of the United States Sixth Fleet from 2018 to 2020. She was the second woman promoted to four star admiral in the US Navy.

Education and career:

Franchetti studied at North West Universities Medill School of Journalism in Evanston, Ill. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and earned developmental honors in History. She joined the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Program and was commissioned in 1985. She continued her studies at the Naval Warfare College and obtained a master’s degree in management of organizations from the university of phoenix.


Franchetti personal rewards include:

  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal (two awards)
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Legion of Merit (five awards)
  • Meritorious Service Medal (five awards)
  • Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (four awards)
  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (two awards). Find more international news here

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