Microsoft announced this week that it has integrated and deployed its AI-powered system. bing right into the SwiftKey keyboard app for Android and iOS. So the perfection of artificial intelligence that the tech world can’t get enough of is right at your fingertips.

Microsoft highlights three unique ways to use Bing through SwiftKey – search, chat, and beep. When it comes to search, let’s not forget that Bing-powered search was last introduced to SwiftKey many years ago, in 2018. There is AI this time around and what should be a lot better for the whole experience without having to switch apps.

The more interesting things are the chat and the tone. With the chat feature, Microsoft explained, “Bing can help if everyone is joking around in the chat and you need a clever pun, or you’re new to the area and texting new friends to suggest a good local restaurant. It’s extremely contextual in that sense, so basically Bing can make you seem like a much funnier/wittier person than you really are.

As for Tone, Bing can help you write messages in real time. For example, it might help you communicate more professionally with colleagues, or it might just help you find the right word for a particular situation.

Whether you’re struggling to be formal in your work emails, or you’re learning a new language and want to help with the nuances of word choice, Tone will help you with tones to make your words sound more professional, casual, polite. , or concise enough for a social post.

I’ve done a fair amount of digging into my Gboard, but I could imagine trying it out to see if all this AI stuff really isn’t that bad. Sounds helpful.

This update is available now.

Link to google play

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