Latest World News: A vandalized Ahmadi shrine in Karachi – Pakistan – D

An Ahmadi place of worship was vandalized in the Karachis Drigh Road area within the Shah Faisal settlement boundary, police and community spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Korangi Police (SSP) Chief Superintendent Tariq Nawaz said that about four people damaged the minarets on Monday.

He said the police became aware of the case and asked a member of the community to file a first information report (FIR).

The senior officer said a person identified as Bilal was in contact with the Shah Faisal Colony (SHO) station house officer until Monday evening and was advised by officials to file a report.

He said the police received a request regarding the vandalism, adding that the complainant said an FIR would be registered after consultation with the Ahmadi community.

Amir Mehmood, spokesman for the Ahmadi community, also said that a request to register an FIR had been filed with the police.

The spokesman said a dozen people entered the place of worship around 3.45pm on Monday and smashed the minarets with hammers and put hateful graffiti on the walls.

He recalled that a few months ago, two places of worship in the Saddar and Martin neighborhoods had been vandalized. He said FIRs had been registered in both cases, but police had yet to update them on progress in either.

He said the Drigh Road shrine has existed since the establishment of Pakistan. The government has utterly failed to provide security for Ahmadi places of worship, Mehmood said.