Latest World News: A teenager “severely tortured” by the judge

ISLAMABAD/SARGODHA: A minor servant, who was hired by a civil judge. was subjected to severe torture by her employers at their residence in the federal capital, but the police are reluctant to register a case concerning the torture of the 13-year-old girl, Dawn has learned.

The Civil Judge of the Judicial Service of Punjab has been working at the Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad, on assignment for about three years.

The police said Dawn that Sargodha Police contacted the Islamabad Police Officers from the Chiefs of Police Office at the relevant SHO and provided them with all the documents including the complaint and the forensic certificate requesting them to register the case.

The police response was unprofessional and unserious.

After the issue was highlighted in the media, Sargodha police again contacted the capital police to register the case. To this, the police demanded the presence of the complaint at the concerned police station even though they had received relevant documents from the Sargodha police, they added.

Girl Transferred to Lahore Hospital; Sargodha Police ask Islamabad Police to register the case

Sargodha Police filed a report after the girl was brought to DHQ Sargodha with injuries. According to the report, the injured girl was taken to the hospital at 7:21 a.m. in poor condition. She worked in a judge’s house where she was tortured, the report adds.

According to hospital sources, there were wounds on the girl’s head, face and body which were allegedly caused by a blunt weapon while there were also burns on her body.

The girl’s mother said she would press charges against the bailiff’s wife over allegations of theft against her daughter. She alleged that the wife also beat her daughter whenever she asked for the salary or saw her parents.

She alleged that her daughter was beaten mercilessly with a blunt weapon and a sharp weapon and was also burned with a hot iron.

Talk to Dawn, Sargodha District Police Officer Mohammad Faisal said the 13-year-old girl was from Sargodha. She was hired by the judge through a contractor as a maid for a salary of 10,000 rupees per month about six months ago, he added.

The DPD quoted the girls’ family as saying her employer was unhappy with her and asked the parents to take her back. Her family came to Islamabad in response to a call from the employer and took her to Sargodha, he added.

On the way back to their hometown, the mother spotted wounds on her daughter’s body, SSP Faisal said, adding that her family took her to a local hospital in Sargodha where the hospital demanded a medical-legal certificate (MLC) for her treatment, treating it as a case of torture.

In response, Sargodha police issued an MLC for her treatment, he said, adding that according to the MLC, she had multiple injuries, including two broken bones and lacerations. His wounds became infected apparently due to a delay in treatment. She also had bruising and swelling.

Doctors advised the family to take her to Lahore due to her head injuries, the DPO said, adding that Sargodha Police had organized a police ambulance to move her to Lahore.

Lahore police were also approached to assist the girl and her family in the hospital, SSP Faisal said, adding that Sargodha police also arranged for the family to travel to Lahore in a passenger vehicle.

Sargodha police also assisted the girl’s father, Manga Khan, in drafting a complaint for registration of the case, he said, adding that all relevant documents have been sent to Islamabad police for further prosecution.

A policeman from the capital police said Dawn that the complaint of the girls’ father was received by the capital police for registration of the case against his employer at the Humak police station. Police sources said a complaint could also be filed against the judge for hiring an underage housekeeper and covering up facts.

Complaint from the daughter’s father

According to the plaintiff, he sent his daughter Rizwana Bibi, 13, to the civil judge’s house of Zarta Housing Society six months ago to work with a salary of Rs 10,000 per month.

On Sunday, he along with his wife and brother-in-law came to Islamabad to meet her at the judge and found the girl crying and in a deteriorated condition.

She had injuries to her head, hands and legs, in addition to her broken teeth and swelling around her eyes, lips and nose, the complaint said, adding that her ribs were also fractured and wound marks were found on her back.

After investigation, she told her family that she was tortured daily by the judge’s wife and that the employer sometimes refused to give her food. She said she was being held in a room.

Meanwhile, the civil judge told the media that the girl injured her head on her own. He said his wife was investigating her regarding the alleged theft of some gold ornaments. He claimed that the girl used to eat clay and marks on her face appeared due to this habit.

Earlier, an Islamabad Supplementary Sessions Judge (ADSJ) and his wife were arrested on the same charges. The judge was removed from office and also imprisoned for three years.

Malik Asad in Islamabad also contributed to this report

Posted in Dawn, July 25, 2023

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