A series of recent polls indicate that Latino voters, long a reliably Democratic bloc, are becoming more Republican ahead of the November midterms.⁠

A Republican Senate aide heralded the numbers from a Marist survey last week showing 52% support for the GOP among Latinos, and just 39% support for Democrats, while a progressive writer voiced skepticism about the results of just one poll.⁠

And while it’s a good rule to look at aggregate polling data rather than just one survey — especially one like the Marist poll, which has a huge margin of error and a small sample size — the numbers are generally in line with a larger shift: Latino voters are trending away from Democrats.⁠

“If you look at things like the Texas local elections, the New Jersey elections, Nassau County elections, the Virginia elections, they all point to Hispanics not just not snapping back but continuing to get more Republican in relative terms than they were before,” said David Shor, a leading political data analyst on the left, at a recent panel hosted by the Citrin Center for Public Opinion Research at the University of California, Berkeley.⁠

Shor was ticking off the different electoral contests that have taken place since the 2020 presidential contest, when Hispanic support for Joe Biden was 8 points lower than it had been for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, to 63% from 71% four years earlier.⁠

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✍️: Yahoo News⁠
📷: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images



  1. Starting to realize how full of shit democrats are. Not sure what took the rest so long.

  2. That’s because the Democrats are abandoning Latinos & Immigrant communities while praising the LGBT thing. Plus calling us Latinx is racist & it’s not gender neutral word. The Democrats has gone too liberal for the Latinos & Immigrant communities.

  3. Let them vote republican, they’ll regret it in the long run. Republicans hate Latinos too, eventually they’ll learn. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. VOTE blue in November 🇺🇸

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