Latest Technology News: A few mistakes not to repeat after the Destiny 2 season

We’re nearing the end of Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep and seemingly headed for some sort of Savathun-themed season as we plan to resurrect her. Community sentiment hasn’t been great this season in particular, though that’s largely down to larger issues like a lack of focus on PvP or spiraling technical issues with the game.

However, I wanted to go over the lessons learned from Season of the Deep’s mistakes and how Destiny 2 could use them in the future. I didn’t mind this season as a whole, but I felt like it sort of jumped, no pun intended, the further things went.

The rescue was useless It seems odd to think that less content could be on the roster here, but Salvage felt completely redundant for the season. It was a weirdly designed activity that seemed to try to echo something like Menagerie, but the encounter design and enemy density didn’t make it very fun and lots of waiting or shooting at things coming out of doors. Legend Salvage is a decent alloy farm, but that’s about it.

Deep Dive Difficulty Agreement I love the idea of ​​increasing the difficulty of deep dives as you progress. But having this ability in the basic matchmaking playlist where everyone has to agree three times in a row to increase the difficulty or it doesn’t happen was not a good design. Looks like there should have been two entirely separate modes for this.

Deep Dive Exotic Mission Infusion The mission itself? Great! Again, blocking an exotic mission in a matchmaking activity where some players want to go run it and some don’t? Honestly one of the weirdest decisions I’ve ever seen. Again, this should have been entirely its own instance, matchmade or LFG, and should not have been integrated into normal Deep Dive runs.

Fishing should have been a meme, nothing more Fishing was a fun thing to implement for about the first two days. And yet after that, finding out that it was the main place to get the retaken Reckoning weapons, and then also three parts of an exotic quest step, was too far. Fishing should have been a meme. Give him material rewards, unlock aquarium items, heck, they should have even had a fishing title, but tying it to too many actual seasonal things was a mistake.

Trauma scenario I think we have to move on here. It feels like each season of Destiny focuses on certain characters’ backstory and/or the traumas they have to deal with. Osiris facing the loss of his light and possession. Haunted with Zavala, Crow and Caiatl all facing their demons. Rasputin’s death, Amanda’s death. Now here, Sloane deals with being alone on Titan. As I understand, but I feel like this card has been played too many times at this point.

Containment of the Veil I don’t know if it’s even technically part of Deep, but that’s when it aired. It was by far the best story content of the season, hidden away in a weekly radio message that 98% of the playerbase will never listen to. A baffling storytelling decision and a waste of truly fantastic plot developments.

In the end, there was a lot to like about Deep, despite all of that. Deep dives were basically a great idea hampered by too many things stuck in them to ruin them. We got one of the best cutscenes in Destiny history. The armor is great. The dungeon was great. But I think there were missteps here that shouldn’t be repeated in the future, and they played into the rejection of the season by many I think.

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