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99 songsThe mesmerizing music distracts from the superficial script and insipid story, notes Mumita Bhattacharjee.

99 songs

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Breathtaking shots, postcard locations, wonderful cast and soulful music make 99 songs the perfect escape to a world not devastated by the virus.

The feel-good atmosphere is overpowering and often distracts you from the sketchy script and bland story. Unfortunately, A. R. Rahman’s debut in filmmaking just can’t get past the style to focus on the content.

Jay (Ehan Bhat) is a musician who wants to make his mark. But his father is not in favor of his passion.

Cause? Music once destroyed their family.

But Jay is relentless.

Sophie Cigania (Edilsi Vargas) is the hearing-impaired daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur. She paints and dances to express herself.

They fall in love.

Her father is a fan of Jay’s talent, but is he? Not so much. So he invites Jay to compose 100 songs to prove himself worthy of Sophie.

Dejected at first, Jay decides to do so and the rest of the story follows his struggles.

Like I said, beauty 99 songs hypnotize you. It is pure, innate, smooth, fluid and magical. And Rahman’s touch elevates him to a level that no one else can match.

But the story – written by A.R. Rahman; the screenplay by Vishwesh Krishnamurti offers no fresh perspective on the artist’s despair and enlightenment.

Jay’s parents’ reluctance to choose a career, Sophie’s father as a villain, the artist’s tortured narration, and star cameos kickstart the story and serve as an ending to put everyone at ease.

99 songs

99 songs nothing but a mixture of all the clich├ęs of the genre. Also, fragmentary memory sequences are annoying because they are not summarized properly.

The creators missed the opportunity to reveal the characters.

Jay tries his best to inspire, but he doesn’t have enough opportunities to do so.

99 songs talks about the struggle without delving into Jay’s psyche. Rejection, loneliness, love… all this is lost within a few seconds of appearing on the screen.

Sonya is a silent observer, both in life and in love. She has almost nothing to do in the film. If we devoted a little more time to her character, we would add more details to this film, done so that we can empathize with the characters.

The performance is what helps finish the movie.

This is Ehan Bhat’s debut film and he has done an incredible job. Its transitions are so smooth that you will be enchanted.

Edils, as I said above, got into an unpleasant situation. However, even in these small episodes, the girl managed to leave you spellbound.

Cameos by Manisha Koirala and Lisa Ray are pleasing to the eye and a perfect break from the dull storyline.

A.R. Rahman 99 songs this is the tale of a tortured artist whose struggle for healing music is blurred. But then what is a film without a story?

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