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Bengalis are really passionate about football, but that passion has been completely absent from this generational struggle between father and son over who will end up being highly elevated, Pratik Sur believes.

Ronit Roy and Amit Sadh starring 7 Kadam is a clash of generations where father and son want to help each other in their lives, but choose different approaches to achieve the same goal.

Will they be able to sort out their differences?

Who will emerge victorious in this confrontation in the end?

Well, you’ll have to watch the series to find out.

Ronit Roy has returned to his safe territory, and this is not good.

He’s been accused over and over again of playing the same angry and drunken father who keeps broodingly imposing his life goals on his kids, and he’s doing the same thing again.

Have you seen him play this character in Wudang 2 states and so many other movies and shows before that.

He understands the nuances right because he was born into a Bengali family and grew up worshiping football. Since Ronit Roy himself is Bengali, his accent is the most authentic among the main characters.

Amit Sadh is out of his element.

If you have seen his recent web series Jeet Kee Zidd or Avrod or even Breathehe has a certain charisma.

AT 7 Kadamthis element is missing, and somehow Sade feels like the entire burden of the family (or, in this case, the web series) is on his shoulders.

Deeksha Seth has been waiting for years to get some good projects. After her debut in Bollywood with Lekar Hum Devana Dil (2014), she finally has a decent project.

But in an attempt to make her character playful and fun, the creators made her look like someone who lashes out.

Looking back, her character is a perfect example of what a stalker looks like. She follows Amit Sad everywhere! So much so that she suddenly appears at night outside the window of his room.

The creators have unconsciously glorified the stalker syndrome to the point where when it seems like Amit Sadh can’t get rid of her, he finally decides to say yes to her and fall in love. Their love story seems really forced.

One of the web series’ biggest flaws is the Hindi-Bengali accent that all the characters speak.

Since I am a Bengali myself and come from the same part of the country, believe me when I say that *no one* there speaks like that – not the people from Calcutta, not the people from Asansol.

The creators had to take either Hindi or Bengali and stick to it in everything.

Directed by Mohit Jha is amateurish.

His story does not fit into 2021.

It’s an old and decrepit story with some really bad shots.

show title, 7 Kadamrefers to the seven steps a player takes before a penalty kick is taken.

In this case, the webshow starts with Amit Sadh about to take a penalty and the whole story runs in flashback until the climax where it is finally shown whether he hits the target or not.

What is wrong here is that seven steps is not a universal thing that every footballer does. Someone does it for five, someone for three, so the name 7 Kadam looks very illogical.

Finally, in a sports drama, sports should be shown at least to a large extent. Sad, 7 Kadam doesn’t have it.

Real football scenes in this four-episode show last only 10 minutes.

You miss the scenes where the coach coaches the players or the players dribble.

7 Kadam hardly has them as blinking and scene misses.

To sum it up, Bengalis are really passionate about football, but that passion has been completely absent from this generational struggle of father and son over who will endure in the end.

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