Celebrities are like us. Except when they are not at all. When traveling to and from their red carpet appearances, traveling to film on location, or simply going on vacation, the Hollywood crowd abides by a set of rules of its own, at least when it comes to is about what she wears for the airport. You’d think some of the most traveled A-listers would have their travel style, but the style choices we’re about to dive into here say otherwise.

Yes, today we are discussing all the bold, controversial and downright risky fashion choices celebs have done on their way to the airport, from daringly rocking an all-white ensemble, stepping out in tall stilettos and even donning heavy-duty leather pieces. There’s no doubt that the seven looks below are anything but perfect, but I’ll be the first to say it: the thought of recreating them for myself makes me, well, gross. And of course, if you’re a celebrity catching a flight, you’re probably not roughing it like the rest of us through the main security checkpoint or even heading to a major airport if you’re traveling privately. , but nevertheless these outfit choices are confusing for any type of flight.