Two months ago I posted my full review Galaxy S23 Ultra. At the time, I claimed that this device was like “déjà vu with a few improvements.” I hope it wasn’t taken in any negative connotation, as it shouldn’t have been. It’s déjà vu because the hardware is nearly identical to last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the internal upgrades are typical processor and camera upgrades. If someone wasn’t paying close attention, they probably wouldn’t think the Galaxy S23 Ultra was worth the upgrade. Now, after spending two months with this device, I’m here to make it clear: you should buy this phone.

Two months can really open your eyes to what you like about your phone, but perhaps more importantly, what you don’t like. In the case of this phone, it’s a very limited list of things that I don’t care about. And they are really quite picky. For example, I would like it to sit evenly on the surface and not sway due to the rear cameras. It’s not the end of the world. This can sometimes be burdensome too. As expected, this is a relatively massive phone. What else? The application bar of the standard launcher is paginated. Buy a third party launcher, smart guy!

You see, my problems with the device can be considered non-problems. Important things like screen brightness and clarity, camera performance, battery life and durability are really what you pay for with this device. And all of the above is top notch. The display is amazing, probably one of the best ever put on a phone, the cameras are insane, the big old battery can last two days with proper use without a hitch, and I’ve dropped this thing way too many times. hard surfaces (gym floor and my LVP floor at home) with no signs of damage. I knew it would take quite a lot of phone experience to take a short break from my Pixel 7 Pro, and that’s what this phone offers.

The only thing I really miss about the Pixel 7 Pro is the camera shutter speed. When I press the shutter button on the S23 Ultra, there is the shortest delay between clicking and shooting. Because of this, shooting moving subjects such as a fast moving dog or person can become a little annoying. To fix this problem, you can switch to Pro Photo mode and manually adjust the shutter speed. However, this can result in darker photos, so we are always looking for a balance between good exposure levels and fast shutter speeds. If you use the 200 MP setting, slow shutter speed and processor speed are not corrected. The files created with this setup are huge, so it seems completely natural for it to take forever. We’ll let it slip away.

Let’s say you’re ready to step out from behind the fence. Now is not the worst time to buy yourself one of these phones. The unlocked model can be bought for just $629 if you have a really good trade-in. Even without an exchange and you choose a more traditional way of buying, at least you know that this phone will be supported in the future, at least two years after you pay for it around the clock. plan. I’m just saying there is something to think about.

I’ve been here all week, so if you have any questions about my phone time or features, please post them in the comments and we can discuss.

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