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Players can buy many things with the money they earn in GTA Online, including automobiles. Among all vehicles, sports cars offer a great combination of looks and performance. One such ride is the Grotti Itali GTO, which was added in 2018 with the Arena War update and costs $1,965,000. Even though it is quite a steep price, there are many factors that justify investing in this vehicle.

Therefore, this article will offer five reasons why GTA Online players should own the Grotti Itali GTO.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Awesome acceleration and 4 more reasons to own Grotti Itali GTO in GTA Online

1) Inspired by the Ferrari 812 Superfast

Almost every car in GTA Online is either Rockstar Games’ iteration of a single real-life vehicle or a combination of a few. The same goes for the Grotti Itali GTO, which is inspired by the Ferrari 812 Superfast. It comes with an exotic and stylish design that is hard to rival.

The Itali GTO features an elongated front end with two parallel vents on the hood and narrow vertical headlights. The doors of this car have recesses, and its cabin can accommodate a maximum of two people.

However, where the Ferrari 812 Superfast incorporates a rear-wheel-drive layout, the Grotti Itali GTO sports all-wheel-drive, a departure from its real-life counterpart.

2) High top speed

Many missions in GTA Online require players to quickly jump from point A to point B. In addition, several multiplayer races in this title are fun to participate in and also help to earn money, just like money problems. For these purposes, it is important to have a high top speed, which the Grotti Itali GTO has.

At its best, this sports car can reach 127.75 mph or 205.59 km/h. While that doesn’t make it the fastest car in this game, a top speed of over 125.00 mph is generally considered a major plus.

3) Impressive acceleration

The ability to accelerate quickly is just as necessary as having a high top speed. Fortunately, the Grotti Itali GTO has both. Its acceleration is rated at 100 on the official Rockstar Games website. This puts it among the fastest cars in GTA Online.

The Itali GTO can reach speeds of around 100 to 105 mph in three to four seconds. This helps him achieve an impressive lap time of 0:59.727, which is much faster than most of his peers.

4) Unique liveries

Liveries are a great way for players to customize their cars in their own way. Although not all vehicles designed by Rockstar Games have it, the Grotti Itali GTO is fortunately not part of this group.

In fact, players can choose from 11 exclusive liveries listed below for this ride:

  • Classic racing stripes – $18,240
  • Automotive market – $19,380
  • All automotive market – $20,520
  • Automotive Market Competition – $21,660
  • modern art caves – $22,800
  • digital cam female dog – $23,370
  • Mark Race – $23,939
  • Alt Brand Race – $24,510
  • Pegasus concerte – $25,080
  • Urban runner – $25,650
  • ego hunter – 26,620

These liveries are particularly interesting for a racing car build.

5) Many customization options

Apart from liveries, owners of Grotti Itali GTO can also modify this sports car in other areas. These include performance upgrades such as engine, armor, and brake upgrades. Moreover, players can also customize its mirrors, roof, skirt, spoiler, wheels, hood, bumpers, etc.

These contribute to a total of 22 categories of customization available for this car in all car shops. The cost of the complete Grotti Itali GTO upgrade is estimated at $392,920, which is quite affordable.

Regarding the return of the Itali GTO in GTA 6, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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