Japanese animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of the legendary Studio Ghibli, has had a profound impact on the world. The level of quality and finish he brings to his films is a source of inspiration for everyone in the industry. He set the bar incredibly high. Chances are you’ve seen at least one of his animations, whether with a group of friends on the big screen or at home, comfortably wrapped in a blanket, holding a hot cup of tea.

If you are a fan, you will really appreciate the ‘Hayao Miyazaki – Movies’ Facebook page dedicated to celebrating the host and his timeless legacy. We’ve rounded up some of the best memes on the page to share with you, and you’ll probably relate to them even if you haven’t seen any of the movies (yet). Scroll down for the best Miyazaki memes and vote for your favorites.

The “Hayao Miyazaki – Movies” Facebook page has a jaw-dropping 520,000 followers. Its popularity is a testament to the quality of Studio Ghibli films, people’s love for Miyazaki’s animations, and the efforts of the Facebook page team to promote the community through great images, as well as memes. fun and relatable.

Be warned though – once you’re done enjoying this list, you’ll probably want to binge-watch everything from My Neighbor Totoro to Spirited Away. Although that sounds like a pretty cool idea. We may have to reschedule our plans for next week…

Miyazaki, now 82, was born in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan in 1941. He began his long and illustrious career in 1963 when he joined Toei Animation. The filmmaker had shown an interest in manga and animation from an early age. He directed his first feature film, Lupine III: The Castle of Cagliostro, in 1979.

It was after the success of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, released in 1984, that Miyazaki co-founded Studio Ghibli with Isao Takahata. Widely known and adored in Japan at the time, the filmmaker started making waves in the West with the release of Princess Mononoke in 1997.

The filmmaker cemented his reputation in the West with Spirited Away in 2001 which won Picture of the Year at the Japanese Academy Awards. It was also the first animated film to win an American Academy Award. Some of the recurring themes that Miyazaki analyzes in his films include humanity’s relationship with nature and technology.

There’s a shroud of mystery surrounding Miyazaki’s latest animated feature, How Do You Live?, which received virtually no marketing. The goal is to bring the film to life for fans of the filmmaker’s work without having any other preconceived ideas. According The Hollywood Reporter is the first Studio Ghibli film to get a simultaneous Imax release.

Miyazaki states that How do you live? will be his last feature film. However, if you’re feeling a sudden sense of deja vu, you’re not alone. The legendary filmmaker made a similar statement ten years ago when he released The Wind Rises in 2013. He came out of retirement in 2016 to work on How Do You Live?

“Deep down, I think that’s what moviegoers latently want,” Studio Ghibli lead producer Toshio Suzuki, widely known as Miyazaki’s right-hand man, said of the lack of promotional material for the latest. feature film. Almost everything is kept secret about the “big fantasy” project.

There has only been one poster released for the film, and nothing is known about the plot, voice cast, or characters. In an age of extremely detailed movie trailers, it’s a breath of fresh air, and yours truly is glad it’s Studio Ghibli’s approach. How do you live? premieres in Japan on July 14, according to Polygon.

Part of the success of the “Hayao Miyazaki – Movies” Facebook page stems from the quality of the memes curators share. Naturally, they have to be related to Studio Ghibli movies to please fans. However, what also helps is that they are so universal that virtually anyone who stumbles across them can relate to them on some level.

And that specific characteristic – the relatability of a meme – is what is at the heart of an image’s virality. Memes are meant to be shared, and people share what they resonate deeply with. Make the meme too specialized and you’ll only have a small crowd of fans who will get the joke. However, if the images speak to people’s daily experiences, they will be happy to like, comment and share them with their friends. But above all, the memes on the Facebook page are amusing!

Which of these memes was your favorite, dear Pandas? Which Studio Ghibli animations do you like the most? What is the very first Miyazaki movie you saw? What are your hopes and expectations for the filmmaker’s latest feature, How Do You Live? Jump to the comments section and let everyone know what you think.