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14 Feret makes you feel good, but if you’re looking for innovative humor, it won’t be able to penetrate your hearts, notes Anita Aikara.

It is said that all marriages are a secret to outsiders, and 14 Feret established on this basis.

Sanjay (Vikrant Massey) falls in love with his high school student Aditi (Kriti Kharbanda).

They start living together in a posh apartment in Delhi without the knowledge of their family.

Sanjay is a Rajput and Aditi is a Jat. They want to get married, but they never bring up this topic in their families.

Aditi’s father dislikes love marriages and Sanjay’s father nearly marries his son to a girl from the same caste.

Minutes into the film, having mustered up his courage, Sanjay announces that he doesn’t want to marry the girl his parents found because he loves someone else.

The next minute, his grandfather points a gun at him and Sanjay is forced to lie about the girl he likes.

Jaat se woh ladki bhi Rajput hain (the girl is also a rajput).’

Baap ka bahut bada business Hine, Delhi mein bahut badiyaan gar bhi hain (her father has a thriving business and they have a huge house in Delhi).”

“Engineer, MBA ok heine, aur varsity topper hein (she is an engineer with an MBA degree and also an honors student at the university).’

Aur jitna yeh log aapko dahej mein de rahe hain, utna woh saal bar mein kamalete hello (how much dowry these people offer you, how much she earns a year).’

It sets the tone for 14 Fereta light-hearted look at the problems faced by couples who marry outside their caste.

Sanjay and Aditi come up with a fully tested plan to trick their parents into tying the knot.

With the help of Sanjay’s theatrical friends who pose as their fictitious parents, they decide to organize not one but two weddings.

But will their plan succeed?

Or will the families discover the lie and stop the marriage?

The film, directed by Devanshu Singh, also features Gauahar Khan and Jameel Khan.

director Chintu Ka’s birthday liked the audience, despite the fact that there were no big names in the cast.

The film tells you everything you already know about inter-caste marriages, but in a reassuring way.

It’s appropriate and praise for the director for trying to spin the film around a cross-caste love story without being a preacher. It’s nice to have a movie on this subject that doesn’t end in tragedy.

However, the film is not entirely suitable for entertainment viewing.

It starts on a high note, but neither the plot nor the characters leave room for anything swoon-worthy.

It’s easy to lose interest in the last part of the movie when things get predictable.

On the rollers, everything seems so perfect and simple that you start to miss the complexities of life – the climax is too close to real life.

The end is very simplistic.

The climax of the film is Vikrant. It’s fun to watch him in a delightfully simple role that seems to be written for him.

Kriti tries her best to be easy, but her role doesn’t feel natural or convincing.

Meryl Streep from Delhi, also known as Zubina (Gauahar), is good and sometimes funny.

In the midst of a pandemic and numerous quarantines, viewers really need escapism and a little humor brought into their lives right now.

The film provides a sense of well-being, but if you’re looking for groundbreaking humor, it won’t be able to pierce your hearts.

14 Phere airs on ZEE5.

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