Home News 10-year-old child visits more than 50 countries without missing school

10-year-old child visits more than 50 countries without missing school

10-year-old child visits more than 50 countries without missing school


Latest World News: 10-year-old child visits more than 50 countries without missing school

Growing up, many wish to one day travel the world and experience different cultures and see different countries. For Aditi Tripathi, this dream came true even before she was 10 years old. The Indian-born girl, who is currently staying in the UK, has already visited most places in Europe and has even traveled to India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. What is interesting is that thanks to her parents, she did all this without compromising her studies or missing school.

How do his parents organize their trip?

The image shows Aditi, 10, with her father Deepak Tripathi. (Facebook/DeepakTripathi)

Aditis’ parents, Deepak, 43, and Avilasha, 36, are both accountants by profession, reports the Metro. The duo want to give their child an incredible life experience without her having to sacrifice her studies. Thus, they make sure to travel during school vacations and public holidays. With careful planning, they took Aditi to over 50 countries before she was even 10 years old. According to Metro, her parents pay nearly 20,000 (about more than 21 lakhs) a year for the trips.

How do they save money to travel?

The family saves money throughout the year by avoiding eating out and not owning a car, reports the Mirror. In addition, his parents work from home to avoid travel expenses.

The image shows 10-year-old Aditi on one of her trips. (Facebook/@DeepakTripathi)

How does traveling help Aditi? His father explains:

“She gets curious and excited to see different cultures like Nepal, India and Thailand. We started traveling with her when she was three years old and she used to go to school two and a half days a week. make more friends and made her more confident,” Deepak told the Mirror.

What did Aditi say about her amazing journey?

I don’t have a particular favorite country or place but if I had to choose three it would be Nepal, Georgia, Armenia. Nepal was probably one of my favorites because I went horseback riding, took the longest cable car and could see mountains like Mount Everest, the little one told the Mirror. I really like to travel and I have lots of good memories. I would recommend it to other kids as it can really help with your social skills, she added.

The image shows Aditi, 10, and her parents. So far, she has traveled to more than 50 countries. (Facebook/@DeepakTripathi)

On June 25, Deepak also took to Facebook to share a post about Aditi reaching a milestone in completing her 50-country tour. We had set a goal for our daughter to visit 50 countries before her 10th birthday and I am immensely proud to have reached this milestone two weeks before her 10th birthday. Due to personal circumstances, my wife was unable to travel with us on this occasion, so it was just me and my daughter traveling to Romania, Moldova and San Marino for a total of 9 days, he wrote. In the following lines, he explained in detail their journey.

He also posted a series of images showing Aditi having fun.

Take a look at the post showing Aditi and her father visiting different places in Europe

How did Facebook users react to Aditi’s visit to 50 countries?

Netizens couldn’t contain their excitement and shared how happy Aditis’ trip made them. Many reacted by sharing Amazing in the comments section. Some also displayed heart emoticons. This is awesome, wrote one Facebook user. Good achievement, shared another. Darun (Superb), scored a third. What do you think of the 10-year-old visiting 50 countries?


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